Hours: Part-time, approximately 10 – 15 hours per week, may be less during the summer
FLSA Classification: Non-exempt, hourly
Reports To: Volunteer Coordinator
Supervisory Responsibility: None

Position Summary:
Manages the day-to-day use of all Westminster Church kitchens, with an emphasis on supporting church volunteers involved in food preparation and service.

Qualifications Required:

  1. Excellent ability to relate to and work with a wide variety of people;
  2. Effective skills in organization and communication, written and oral;
  3. Knowledge of nutrition, food preparation, and kitchen management, including ability to follow professional guidelines and meet criteria for appropriate certifications;
  4. Ability to implement and maintain professional kitchen cleanliness standards;
  5. Ability to prepare meals and refreshment for small or large groups.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Purchase, prepare and provide meals and refreshments, specifically Wednesday Food & Fellowship and various all church lunches throughout the year;
  2. Create a welcoming environment where volunteers are invited, trained, encouraged, and thanked;
  3. Provide oversight to, and foster an atmosphere of harmony among, all groups using the kitchens, including volunteers, caterers, and outside groups;
  4. Monitor kitchen reservations, initiate contact with all reserving groups, and solicit and listen to feedback;
  5. Establish, document, and implement standards for the cleanliness and efficient use of kitchens, including guidelines for safe food handling;
  6. Demonstrate a knowledge of good nutrition and sensitivity to food allergies and special dietary needs;
  7. Provide and manage a list of caterers and other sources of prepared foods;
  8. Oversee food-related inventories, helping to limit waste;
  9. Procure, label, maintain, and safeguard kitchen supplies and equipment;
  10. Oversee the use of kitchen equipment, training others in proper usage and sanitation as necessary;
  11. Operate within an approved budget;
  12. Perform related duties as required.

If interested, please contact us by email at [email protected].

Download a copy of this position description here.